Fiavit – Fiação da Vitória, Lda has 12,000 m2 of covered area and it´s considered the largest open end company in Portugal, and one of the biggest in Europe.


Founded in 1988, Fiavit – Fiação da Vitória, Lda, early adopted an attitude of permanent market perception and  international trends, which enabled it to produce differentiated solutions, keeping it´s market share with an evolutionary profile and growing.

Bearing in mind the constant upgrading on the infrastructures, technological innovation, flexibility and speed of response, as well as quality and ecology as the business key culture, Fiavit bet and continually invests in the latest technology to guarantee the quality of their Our production, including color yarn, is based on recycled raw materials, which shows the adoption of a culture of environmental concern since the begining.

Fiavit aims to be internationally recognized as a leading company in manufacturing yarn through the most demanding and technologically most advanced processes.


Fiavit aims to provide alternative and ecologically interesting solutions for the textile sector, pledging to meet the market and consumers needs,  especially where environment and ecology are preferred factors.


Fiavit´s strategy stands on a clear bet on a technological productive process valorization, either by wagering on last generation equipments which evolves a permanent reinvestment culture, either by developing continuous formation programs for our employees.

Allying technology and knowledge with aqquired experience and an international trends approach attitude, Fiavit manages to continuously diversify its products keeping ahead of its industry.

A permanent bet on diferentiation and competitivity evolves into a sustained internal market growth and, increasingly interesting results in international markets.


Fiavit´s culture is founded on five cornerstones:

  • Commitment to quality
  • Technological innovation
  • Focus on products with recovered raw materials
  • Strategic partnerships that promote the sustained growth of the organization
  • Environmentally and socially responsible contribution


  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Ecology

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